Public sector unions are defiant in the wake of Janus Supreme Court decision

The United States Supreme Court on June 27 ruled 5-4 that public sector labor unions cannot charge fees to non-union members, hurting their ability to raise money for their operations and lobbying.

Will new Department of Housing actually address affordable housing crisis?

Eliminating governmental departments is a favorite tactic of conservatives. While they say such actions are for efficiency, cost-savings, and other positive sounding words, usually the result is that key services needed by the public, especially middle- and lower-income groups, are eliminated.

ATN: August 2018

The 29th annual African Festival of the Arts will be held in Washington Park, 51st St. at Cottage Grove Ave., Friday through Monday, Aug. 31 through Sept. 3.

Back to School

Local schools are vital to parents who want to provide their youngsters with a good education.

Chicago readies for summer fun, family events, and great entertainment

Summertime is the best time for fun in the city. A variety of summer-time events provide joy for everyone—there is plenty to do for both youngsters and adults in terms of cultural, musical, and community events.