MARCH 2017

New residential, retail coming to Greektown amid worries about parking and congestion

Years after the City approved the project, officials have granted a building permit for the One South Halsted St. tower, also referred to as 727 W. Madison St.

If you’re willing to stand up in the Era of Trump: then resist, engage, and make change happen

The November 8 election seems like eons ago. Most Chicagoans experienced the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day with apprehension and fear. The first month of the Trump presidency felt more like a year, filled with agonizing dread and disbelief. Of course, it all depends on how you look at things.

Times have changed, but Arrigo Park should not—oasis of peace needed more than ever

Decades ago, when the late Oscar D’Angelo, the University Village Association, and others in the community began working to make Victor Arrigo Park a passive, rather than active, park, we were against it.

ATN: March 2017

A Child’s Space, 1020 S. Wabash Ave., offers date night and SaturDAYcare. A Child’s Space will be open for date night until midnight on…