MAY 2015

Medical marijuana OK, but not on Fulton Market, say neighbors

Some residents and business owners in the West Loop’s Randolph Street and Fulton Market community oppose a planned marijuana dispensary at 1105 W. Fulton Market. They object not to the idea of a dispensary but to its location, as many prefer a proposed Lake Street dispensary site.

Silence is deafening as governor cuts programs

Checks and balances. Due process. Reasoned debate. Compromise. These are terms we were all taught in civics class when we learned about how democracy is supposed to work in the United States. Where was all this when Governor Bruce Rauner pushed through $26 million in social service grants recently?

Irish Art; Fashion 2015; Roundups

Beginning Saturday, May 9, Active Transportation Alliance will host cycling classes at 9 W. Hubbard St. The classes are open to adults and teenagers and provide 1.5 hours of classroom instruction and 1.5 hours of…

$26 million grant funding freeze hitting families where it hurts

Austerity measures from the Illinois executive mansion now affect thousands on the streets of Chicago, even before the new State budget is passed.