Groundbreaking held for Adams-Sangamon park
December 4, 2009
Plans for the Adams-Sangamon park call for unique landscaping features and a recessed dog-friendly area.

What made the recent groundbreaking for the new park at Adams and Sangamon Streets, currently known as Park 542, so “exciting” is “the new design,” said Chris Gent, deputy director of planning and development for the Chicago Park District.

Landscape architect Ernie Wong from Site Design Group was on site for the groundbreaking, along with Aldermen Robert Fioretti (2nd) and Walter Burnett Jr. (27th) and several other City and neighborhood leaders. Gent noted that modern City parks are designed to reflect the populations that they serve and that this park’s angular features “make it unique as its urban style.”

Unlike other parks’ generally flat surfaces, Adams-Sangamon incorporates several berms or hills that add a vertical dimension. With strategic placement of the hills and walks, the park’s design not only divides space for varied activities but provides privacy from busy adjoining streets.

Walkways will use permeable materials to allow rainwater to be redistributed evenly to prevent flooding the drain system. The design also will employ bricks from area buildings that have been demolished. The park also will provide a recessed dog park area, with a self-filling and emptying watering area designed as a water bowl. Recessing this part of the park will allow onlookers to view canine activity.

Landscaping will use native prairie flora to simplify maintenance and upkeep and increase sustainability.

— Susan Fong

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