Gazette Endorsements: U.S. Senator
January 28, 2010

Democrat: David Hoffman

David Hoffman
Democratic candidates in the senate race are State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Robinson Jackson, physician and former Republican candidate Robert Marshall, and attorney Jacob Meister.

Hoffman was a great inspector general for the City, operating independently; fighting corruption; and exposing bribery, fraud, theft, illegal employment, ethics violations, and waste. His joint investigations with federal officials led to federal charges against city employees and contractors and exposed building safety and zoning corruption. He has since moved up to the Illinois Reform Commission, examining statewide corruption.

Deserving kudos for being a burr in the side of the Chicago political machine, Hoffman is one person who could really do a lot to clean up corruption in the city, state, and nation with the federal subpoena power of a U.S. senator. With economics a top issue, Hoffman promises to oversee irresponsible financial behavior from banks from Wall Street to Main Street and will push for tougher regulation “to help ensure that nothing like our current crisis ever happens again,” he said.

Hoffman already has done a lot to clean up Chicago. He deserves to take his unique skill set to the national level. David Hoffman gets our endorsement for senator in the Democratic primary.

Republican: John Arrington

John Arrington
Republican candidates for U.S. senator are former Harvey, IL, Alderman John Arrington; attorney Patrick Hughes; North Shore Congressman Mark Kirk; retired Judge Dan Lowery; legal activist Andy Martin; and former New Berlin, IL, School Board member Kathleen Thomas.

Kirk is the front-runner in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. While he’s been a moderate to get elected on the North Shore, in the Senate race he’s moved to the right, cozying up to Sarah Palin and spreading falsehoods about the government denying mammograms to women and releasing prisoners from Guantanamo. He campaigns against “earmarks” (pork barrel spending), yet has a long history of rewarding his campaign contributors with millions of dollars in earmarks. Expect him to stay firmly on the far right like the other Republican senators if he gets to join them.

We endorsed Martin two years ago, but this time around he’s made outrageous charges against Kirk that are way too extreme. This time, we feel the best choice is Arrington. He, like Barack Obama, is a former grassroots community organizer—a rarity among Republicans. He served as a Harvey City Council alderman for eight years and was chairman of the council’s Economic Development Committee and its Finance Committee. As alderman, he organized job fairs and opened a community resource center that hosted personal development training and business and entrepreneurial development programs.

John Arrington has the economic experience needed in the current environment, and he gets the Gazette’s endorsement.

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