River City evacuated
August 6, 2010

River City at 800 S. Wells St. was evacuated on Sat., July 24, due to flooding from heavy rainstorms. The evacuation affected about 1,500 people.

Although the condominiums were not damaged, the building’s year-round marina was seriously impacted, and 12 feet of water accumulated in the garage and lower levels. In addition to condominium units the building houses commercial and retail space as well as a health club.

Although work has been ongoing, the building was slated to remain without electricity or plumbing for about two weeks, forcing residents to find shelter elsewhere.

A spokesperson for the building’s management office said that this timeline was strictly a “rough estimate,” since the extent of damage has not been completely evaluated.

The spokesperson emphasized that “the evacuation was due to the loss of electrical and plumbing service and not due to any alleged hazardous material threat.” She also refused to discuss any damage to cars that were parked in the garage and suggested calling Standard Parking. In turn, the Standard Parking representative said that he could not and would not “provide details.”

—Marie Balice Ward

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