Gazette Endorsement: State Comptroller
October 29, 2010
David Miller.

One of the biggest reasons the State is in amess is “pay to play”—state officials, whether Democrat or Republican, accepting campaign contributions from those with whom their office does State business.

In February, we endorsed Judy Barr Topinka for State Comptroller over her less-than-qualified opponents in the GOP primary, but that does not mean we think she’s the best choice for this post. When State Treasurer, Topinka accepted plenty of campaign contributions from those with whom her office did State business — $590,000 from the banking industry alone, according to
the Sunshine Project. She once attempted to forgive a debt owed to the State by an investment group that included GOP power broker William Cellini.

A much better choice is Democratic State Representative David Miller. An alumnus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, he’s worked for State funding for UIC. As a member of the General Assembly, Miller has proposed and helped pass legislation that has provided better access to healthcare, education, economic development, and consumer protections, and he has worked to reform the payday loan industry.

Other candidates are businessperson Tim Becker of the Constitution Party, Dundee Township library board member Julie Fox of the Libertarian Party, and non-profit financial expert Erika Schaefer of the Green Party.

David Miller is by far the best choice, and he gets the Gazette’s endorsement.