Democrats still prove dominant in this area
January 7, 2011

By William S. Bike

Pat Quinn.
Much of the country may have voted Republican in the Nov. 2 election, but the ten communities within the seven wards in this area (the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th, 25th, and 27th) still are Democratic all the way.

Statewide, Democratic Governor Patrick Quinn won over his Republican rival, Bill Brady, by a slim 46.6% to 46.1%. In this area, however, Quinn dominated, garnering 72,038 votes for 76.6% to Brady’s 15,188 for 16.2%, with three other candidates bringing up the rear. The best Brady did was in the 11th Ward, with 25.4%. In the 3rd and 4th Wards, Quinn garnered more than 89% in each. The Gazette had endorsed Quinn.

For U.S. Senate Republican Mark Kirk bested Democrat Alexi Giannoulias, 48.2% to 46.3%. Not in this area, though. Giannoulias garnered 59,321 for a whopping 80%, to Kirk’s 15,095 for 19.3%, with two other candidates also in the race. The best Kirk did was in the 11th Ward with 28.6%. In the 3rd and 4th Wards, Giannoulias garnered more than 91% in each. The Gazette had endorsed Giannoulias.

Democrats Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Secretary of State Jesse White, both endorsed by the Gazette, kept their offices. Republican Judy Baar Topinka beat Democrat David Miller for State Comptroller, and Republican Dan Rutherford beat Democrat Robin Kelly for State Treasurer. Madigan, White, Miller, and Kelly had been endorsed by the Gazette.

The proposed amendment to the State Constitution, which would allow California-style removal and replacement of the Governor by the voters by referendum, passed. It had been opposed by the Gazette.

In Congress, Bobby Rush (1st), Dan Lipinski (3rd), Luis Gutierrez (4th), and Danny K. Davis, all Democrats and all endorsed by the Gazette, easily held their seats.

In local State Senate races, Democrat Antonio Munoz, running unopposed, held his 1st District seat with 17,422 votes, and Democrat Kwame Raoul, also unopposed, kept his 13th District seat with 51,910.

For State Representative, Democrat Susana Mendoza, running unopposed, held her 1st District seat with 7,178; Democrat Edward J. Acevedo, unopposed, kept his 2nd District post with 10,652; Democrat Cynthia Soto, unopposed, remains 4th District State Rep with 13,943 votes; and Democrat Ken Dunkin, unopposed, held his 5th District seat with 19,149.

Toni Preckwinkle.
In the only contested State Representative race in the area, Democrat Will Burns, endorsed by the Gazette, got 83.5% of the vote to Republican Sylvester “Junebug” Hendricks’s 16.5%. Burns had been endorsed by the Gazette. He has announced he will run for 4th Ward Alderman in February.

One of the hottest races on the ballot this year looked to be for Cook County Assessor, in which independent Forrest Claypool tried to defeat Cook County Democratic Party Chair Joseph Berrios. Claypool actually beat Berrios in the suburbs 243,990 to 242,403, but the city came through for Berrios; within the city limits, at 398,814 Berrios more than doubled Claypool’s total of 180,694. Only two wards in the entire city, the 41st and the 47th, had a majority for Claypool. Of the wards in this area, Claypool did best in the 1st with 31.5%. Claypool had been endorsed by the Gazette.

Democrat Toni Preckwinkle, endorsed by the Gazette, was elected President of the Cook County Board. The current 4th Ward Alderman, she actually did slightly better in the 3rd Ward, with 93.1%, than she did in her home 4th, with 92.2%.

Democrat David Orr retained the office of Cook County Clerk; Democrat Tom Dart remains County Sheriff; and Democrat Maria Pappas continues as County Treasurer. All were endorsed by the Gazette.

For County Board, Democrat Earlean Collins held her 1st District seat with 68,241 or 86%, over Ronald Lawless of the Green Party with 11,012 or 14%. Collins had been endorsed by the Gazette.

In the 2nd District, Democrat Robert B. Steele, backed by the Gazette, scored 61,143 votes for 87.5%, to the Greens’ Michael Smith with 8,712 for 12.5%.

The 3rd District race saw Democrat Jerry “Iceman” Butler, with the Gazette’s endorsement, garner 77,607 votes, or 88.8%, to Green Marie J. “Jenny” Wohadlo’s 9,738 for 11.2%.

The 7th District will have a new Commissioner, as Jesus G. Garcia beat incumbent Joseph Mario Moreno in the Democratic primary and then defeated the Greens’ Paloma Andrade in the general on Nov. 2. Garcia, endorsed by the Gazette, got 24,612 votes for 86.2% to Andrade’s 3,912 for 13.8%.

Democrat John Daley once again beat Republican Carl Segvich for 11th District commissioner, 56,380 votes, or 79.9%, to 14,218, for 20.1%. In their mutual home 11th Ward, Daley received 7,334 votes for 78.1%, while Segvich got 2,057 votes for 21.9%. Daley had been endorsed by the Gazette.