Ordinance calls for five South Loop parking zones
February 3, 2012

By Marie Balice Ward

There soon may be five residential parking zones for the South Loop based on an ordinance by 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti.

“This ordinance reflects the findings of a long-term analysis by the Chicago Department of Transportation,” said Fioretti. “Currently there are too many different parking zones in the South Loop,” he continued. “The current residential parking plan has created confusion and has been difficult to understand. In addition, the entire process is cumbersome, with many of the residents having to obtain letters from my office in order to purchase the parking permits.

“The five-zone design simplifies the process and will be easier to understand and provide greater geographic commonality,” Fioretti said.

Fioretti presented his plan to community groups within the South Loop, and they are supportive. The only objection — as expressed at one of several community meetings — was that some zones are larger than others. Some residents also were concerned about competition for parking spaces within the larger parking zones, although the CDOT analysis factored in population density for each zone.

The zones are…
Zone One: Congress Parkway (north boundary) to Roosevelt Road (south boundary) and the Chicago River (west boundary) to Lake Shore Drive (east boundary).

Zone Two: Roosevelt Road (north) to 18th Street (south) and from the Chicago River (west) to Michigan Avenue (east).

Zone Three: Roosevelt Road (north) to 18th Street (south) and Michigan Avenue (west) to Lake Shore Drive (east).

Zone Four: 18th St. (north) to Stevenson Expressway (south) and Clark St. (west) to Michigan Ave. (east).

Zone Five: 18th St. (north) to Stevenson Expressway (south) and Michigan Ave. (west) to Lake Shore Dr. (east), excluding McCormick Place.

“Upon passage of the ordinance, the five zone plan for the South Loop residential parking will go into effect when the current permits expire — July 1, 2012,” Fioretti noted.

“We held a community meeting on this topic and provided Ald. Fioretti feedback from the community from our meeting on the subject,” said Jeanette Johnson of the Greater South Loop Association. “Since we have not seen the approved ordinance since its introduction, we are unsure that any changes were made based on community input.”