Letter: No across the board Medicaid cuts: St. Anthony
April 4, 2012

Dear Editor:

No question—Illinois’ Medicaid system needs reform. But a one size-fits-all approach to Medicaid will not work. The very existence of safety-net hospitals is at stake. Together, the Association of Safety-Net Hospitals saw nearly half a million Medicaid patients in 2011. More than one of two patients that walk through our doors has government insurance.

It is imperative that our executive branch and legislators remember this as they take on the governor’s directive and work toward a solution for our state’s ailing Medicaid system. Across-the-board rate cuts would deliver a fatal blow to our hospitals that serve ethnically-diverse urban communities.

At risk is access to care for our neighbors and tens of thousands of jobs in Chicago’s neediest neighborhoods. The possibility of healthcare deserts looms large. We are ready andwilling to find solutions, just as we did a decade ago on the provider assessment.

Our hospitals, our patients, our employees and our communities depend on it. Imagine a state without safety-nets, and now let’s get to work to ensure we never see that day.


Guy A.Medaglia
President & CEO
Saint Anthony Hospital