Lampshade factory to become offices, studios, galleries
March 4, 2017

Building contractor Mark Zoll is planning to transform the 80-yearold former lampshade factory at 540 W. 35th St. in Bridgeport into offices, music studios, and art galleries. Work is expected to resume in March after new permits are obtained.

Zoll does not want to go into details at this point. Even he is not sure exactly what the facility will look like when he’s finished because the shape it takes will depend largely on what the future tenants want.

So far, Zoll has met with more than 40 possible tenants who have checked out the building, asked questions and made suggestions. Some have been painters, sculptors, writers, “you name it,” said Zoll, who has gutted the interior and sandblasted the outside. When ready, the building not only will be designed to suit a variety of tenants but be affordable, said Zoll, noting some office/studio rents will be as low as $300 per month.

An adjoining parking lot will have 70 parking spaces for tenants and their customers, and Zoll said the building will be open 24 hours per day. No business in the building will operate with a liquor license, he added, as a school sits right across the street.

Zoll expects to start renting spaces in mid-2017. In the meantime, inquiries should be directed to consultant Steve Pawlow at (847) 948-8181.

— Patrick Butler