Community says keep Arrigo Park passive
April 7, 2017

A survey of residents in the Arrigo Park area finds they want to save its green space and limit organized sports.

The Sheridan Park Advisory Council, which also covers Arrigo Park at 801 S. Loomis St., conducted the online survey. “There is decent consensus,” said Douglas Bartels, council president, at its March 13 meeting.

The top four desires, according to the survey, are to preserve green space, improve the grass inside the track, repair the peanut-shaped pathway, and limit organized sports.

Among other wishes are better lighting and security; restoring the water fountains, as only one still operates; and installing additional benches.

“That is where the focus will be,” Bartels said. If people want to make other improvements, the council is open to considering any idea, but they must “run it through” park supervisor Martin Murphy, Bartels said.

William O’Neill said he will chair a committee to revive a flower garden at the east end of the park. O’Neill and his family live across the street, and they advocate saving the passive nature of the park. The survey drew 130 responses, Bartels said.

The survey followed a lacrosse group’s request to use Arrigo for twice-weekly clinics for children. Chicago Park District officials did not respond to the request, so Sheridan Park squeezed the lacrosse clinics into its schedule.

— Susan S. Stevens