Tria restaurant opening scheduled for upcoming winter
June 4, 2017

A new restaurant, Tria, will not open for several months at 3300 S. Halsted St. The opening probably will happen sometime this winter, said Christine Bertucci-Vega, one of the three sisters who own the planned family-style eatery.

Hence the name Tria, which is Italian for “three.”

In the last issue of Gazette Chicago, it was erroneously worded that the restaurant was open. “We had first thought we could do it in fall, but that’s not going to happen,” Bertucci-Vega told Gazette Chicago, noting the sisters need to work out some details.

“We don’t want to be too fancy, or not fancy enough,” said Bertucci-Vega, adding that current plans call for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner—another reason for the name Tria.

“It will be the kind of place to go when you’re taking the kids coming back from a game,” she noted. “The dinners are going to have an Italian flair.”

Eventually, the two-story building will offer a rooftop dining area atop the building that the three Bertucci sisters, Stephanie, Brittany, and Christine, plan to call the Triatop.

The three sisters also run a catering business, Tria Sorelle, started by their parents, who still own and run Freddie’s, located at 701 W. 31st St. “You could say we grew up in the food business,” said Bertucci-Vega, noting that “my dad’s uncle owned a beef stand.”

While deeply rooted in the neighborhood’s past, Bertucci-Vega said she and her family are looking forward to the changes expected to come from the City’s “big new renovation on Morgan Street,” she said. “It should be great, and we’re hoping to be part of that mix” of neighborhood improvements on both Morgan and Halsted Streets.

— Pat Butler