More police mean less crime in 11th Ward
April 5, 2018

More Chicago Police have been assigned to the 9th and 12th Districts in this area.

Only a few months after an alarming crime spike in Bridgeport, Ald. Patrick D. Thompson (11th Ward) announced that crime has taken a nosedive thanks to some timely remedial measures, including as-
signing 18 new police officers to the 11th Ward—ten in the 9th (Deering) district and the rest in the 12th (Near West), Thompson said.

The additional officers were among the 80 new hires deployed across the city in the past months as part of the Chicago Police Department’s plans to beef up the force by nearly 1,000.

In mid-February, Thompson added, “police made three significant arrests in Bridgeport.” They collared one offender for an attempted robbery and arrested two other suspects in separate burglaries.

Just two months earlier, a Chicago Tribune crime reporter was sitting in her parked car at about 2:30 a.m. outside a Dunkin Donuts shop at 749 W. 31st St.—just across from the Deering station—when two men carjacked her, tapped on her window and ordering her out of her company-issued Chevy Malibu.

Police arrested one suspect, identified as Norihea Evans, several days later on the North Side where he was driving the stolen car the wrong way on a one-way street.

Police said the carjacking was one of a number around the city at that time.

In another robbery, an intruder broke into a home on West 28th Street in the middle of the night, shoved the 90-year-old victim to the floor, then rummaged the house for her valuables.

In yet another incident, robbers took a woman’s cell phone from her near Aberdeen and Fulton Streets on the Near West Side after they said “good morning” and then, as the woman explained, knocked her to the ground “like a football player would hit another player” during a game.

In addition, from August to mid-fall, Bridgeport saw five apparently gang-related shootings, leaving one dead and five injured.

Police said they assigned a bike team and a tactical unit to the area west of Halsted and north of 35th street and detailed officers to monitor cameras and other “crime-fighting technology” throughout the area.

Call 911 in an emergency and 311 in a non-emergency situation. To reach Ald. Thompson’s office call (773) 254-6677.

—Patrick Butler