New faces, close races highlight results of March 20 primary elections
April 5, 2018

By William S. Bike

Some fresh faces will be representing this area, after election night on March 20 saw some close and exciting races.

Kwame Raoul.

In the Democratic gubernatorial race, J.B. Pritzker won with 573,679 votes for 45.2%. His winning plurality was followed by Daniel Biss, 337,342 for 26.6%, Chris Kennedy with 308,731 for 24.3%, Tio Hardiman with 20,479 for 1.6%, Bob Daibler with 14,814 for 1.2%, and Robert Marshall with 14.193 for 1.1%. Gazette Chicago had endorsed Kennedy.

The Republican gubernatorial race was surprisingly close, with incumbent Bruce Rauner winning with 361,301 votes for 51.4%. Jeanne Ives nearly beat him with 341,836 for 48.6%. Gazette Chicago had endorsed Rauner.

In a crowded Democratic race for Attorney General, Bronzeville State Senator Kwame Raoul won with 374,679 votes for 30.2%. Former Governor Pat Quinn, who had been endorsed by Gazette Chicago, made it close with 340,203 for 27.4%. The rest of the pack included Sharon Fairley, 156,078 for 12.6%; Nancy Rotering, 115,980 for 9.3%; Scott Drury, 98,249 for 7.9%; Jesse Ruiz, 67,706 for 5.5%; Renato Mariotti, 49,894 for 4.0%; and Aaron Goldstein, 37,988 for 3.1%

Erika Harold.

On the Republican side, Gazette Chicago-endorsed Erika Harold won easily with 378,720 votes for 59.2%, beating Gary Grasso with 261,520 for 40.8%.

In the 1st Congressional District, races were uncontested. Incumbent Bobby Rush won the Democratic primary, and Jimmy Lee Tillman II won the Republican primary.

In the hotly contested 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary, conservative Democrat and incumbent Dan Lipinski scored a razor-thin victory with 47,116 votes for 51.2% against Marie Newman with 44,992 for 48.8%. Gazette Chicago had endorsed Newman.

“It was a good fight,” Newman said. “Since we started our campaign, Dan Lipinski has moved his position on healthcare, a path to citizenship, and the need for a fair minimum wage. We put him on notice that we expect better for all of the people in our district.

Delia Ramirez.

“I plan on continuing to hold him accountable so that every person in our district has access, opportunity, and equal rights,” she continued. “I hope the race we ran will make him a better representative for all of us in Congress.”

Arthur Jones won the uncontested Republican primary in the 3rd District. Jones is a neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier.

In another hotly contested race, the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary saw former mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia win easily with 47,319 votes for 66.4%, followed by Sol Flores, 15,393 for 21.6%, and Richard Gonzalez, 8,519 for 12.0%. The seat is open due to the retirement of longtime Congressman Luis Gutierrez. Gazette Chicago endorsed Garcia.

Mark Lorch won the uncontested Republican primary in the 4th District.

In the 7th Congressional District Democratic primary, Gazette Chicago-endorsed incumbent Danny K. Davis won with 77,858 votes for 73.9% over Anthony Clark with 27,567 for 26.1%.

Lamont Robinson.

On the Republican side, Gazette Chicago-endorsed Craig Cameron won with 3,547 votes for 56.7% over Jeffrey Leef, with 2,714 for 43.3%.

In two uncontested State Senate Democratic primary races, Mattie Hunter won in the 3rd District and Patricia Van Pelt won in the 5th District

Theresa Mah will continue holding her seat in the State House of Representatives, winning her Democratic primary unopposed in the 2nd District.

The State House of Representatives will be represented by a new official in the 4th District, as longtime Rep. Cynthia Soto retired. The winner in the Democratic primary was Delia Ramirez, with 7,082 votes for 48.0%. She beat Iris Millan, 3,050 for 20.7%; Alyx Pattison, 2,333 for 15.9%; and Anne Shaw, 2,278 for 15.4%. Gazette Chicago endorsed Pattison.

The 5th District also will have a new rep, as incumbent Juliana Stratton won her primary for Lieutenant Governor. The winner to succeed her was Gazette Chicago-endorsed Lamont Robinson, who earned 7,205 votes for 40.9%. Robinson beat Dilara Sayeed, 4,827 for 27.4%; former Rep. Ken Dunkin, 3,236 for 18.3%; and Felicia Bullock, 2,377 for 13.4%.

Brandon Johnson.

Also in this area, four other incumbents won their uncontested State House Democratic primary races: Sonya M. Harper in the 6th, Arthur Turner in the 9th, Melissa Conyears-Ervin in the 10th, and Christian Mitchell in the 26th.

Democratic incumbent Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle won her primary with 426,350 votes for 60.7% over former 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti, who tallied 276,611 for 39.3%. Gazette Chicago endorsed Fioretti.

In the Cook County Treasurer’s race, incumbent Maria Pappas, endorsed by Gazette Chicago, won her primary with 556,838 votes for 82.3% over Peter Gariepy, who scored 119,625 for 17.7%.

The hotly contested Cook County Assessor’s race saw Gazette Chicago-endorsed challenger Fritz Kaegi score an upset victory in the Democratic primary with 314,043 votes for 45.5%. He beat longtime incumbent and Cook County Democratic Party Chair Joseph Berrios, who had 234,248 for 33.9%. Andrea Raila was third with 142,014 for 20.6%.

Dennis Deer.

In local Cook County Board races, in the 1st District Democratic primary, incumbent Richard Boykin was upset by challenger Brandon Johnson, who earned 23,867 votes for 50.3%. Boykin, who had been endorsed by Gazette Chicago, tallied 23,565 for 49.7%.

The 2nd District saw incumbent Dennis Deer win the Democratic primary easily with 10,647 for 32.7% in a crowded field. Second was Eddie Johnson III, 6,937 for 21.3%, followed by Darryl D. Smith, 6,353 for 19.5%, Lupe Aguirre, 4,936 for 15.25, and Paul J. Montes II, 3,673 for 11.3%. Gazette Chicago had endorsed Montes.

Longtime Commissioner Jerry “Iceman” Butler is retiring in the 3rd District, making the seat open. Bill Lowry, endorsed by Gazette Chicago, was the winner in the Democratic primary with 16,668 for 33.5%. Second was Patricia Horton with 10,707 for 21.5%, followed by Charise A. Williams, 8,660 for 17.4%; Joshua Gray, 4,740 for 9.5%; Horace Washington Howard, 4,430 for 8.9%; Steven R. Wolfe, 3,885 for 7.8%; and Erick M. Nickerson, 721 for 1.4%.

Bill Lowry.

George Blakemore won the uncontested Republican primary in the 3rd District.

The 7th District Democratic primary saw a bitter race between Alma E. Anaya, who was backed by Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for the seat he is leaving, and Angeles Sandoval. Garcia accused the political organizations of State Rep. Dan Burke (D-1st) and Alderman Ed Burke (14th Ward) and Sandoval of creating literature and signs saying Garcia supported Dan Burke and Sandoval.

Alma E. Anaya, who also was endorsed by Gazette Chicago, easily won, scoring 13,427 votes for 57.4%, to Sandoval’s 9,954 for 42.6%. Garcia’s endorsed candidate Aaron Ortiz beat Burke in the 1st District as well.

“Alma Anaya for Cook County Commissioner won her race for my old job—and I can’t think of a better person to occupy that position,” Garcia said. “Once homeless and undocumented, Alma has grown into a fighter who’s now determined to give others their chance at the American Dream.

“And in an incredible upset, Aaron Ortiz for State Rep defeated Dan Burke—the 27-year machine-backed incumbent—and will now represent House District 1 in Springfield. Aaron’s victory shows that we truly are ready for a new generation of progressive leaders up and down the ballot,” he added.

“It’s been a tough year since Donald Trump took office—but taking our government back starts with fighting at the state and local levels, and victories like our slate pulled off are just the beginning of that comeback. We organized together, and we won together,” Garcia said.

In the 11th District Republican primary, Steven S. Graves has pulled an upset over frequent candidate Carl Segvich. Graves tallied 3,374 votes for 51.7% and Segvich, endorsed by Gazette Chicago, earned 3,154 for 48.3%. John P. Daley won the Democratic primary uncontested.