Vandalized church window restored
August 3, 2018

Artist specialists have restored the Prodigal Son window at Holy Family Church to its original splendor after part of the window sustained damage in a burglary attempt.

Experts have restored the Prodigal Son window at Holy Family Church after one or more burglars damaged it before Christmas.

“Thanks to the talented artists at Daprato Rigali Studios of Chicago, the window looks as good as the day it was installed over 100 years ago,” the Rev. Michael Gabriel, pastor of Holy Family, said. He blessed the window at a Mass on May 27.

The night of Dec. 12 last year, a person or persons unknown climbed atop the church’s parish center and smashed the window to drop down into the sanctuary, where they ransacked the church but ended up taking nothing because church officials had locked up all the valuables.

The window dates to the 1860s. Fr. Gabriel worked extensively with the restorers, experts in church windows and interiors, to make sure the window looks exactly as it did before the repair, said Marina Parise, church business manager.

Insurance paid part of the cost, but donations from parishioners helped with the repairs, she said. The church had set up a page to raise funds, and parishioner Raul Montes Jr. offered a $500 reward for information about the crime. The cost to repair the window exceeded $20,000.

Holy Family’s window damage ranks as one of six acts of vandalism at area churches last December. Nothing was stolen and no arrests were reported at all six churches.

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—Susan S. Stevens