Connie’s adds brew pub, expands delivery service
October 4, 2019

Photo by Christopher Valentino
Connie’s Pizza has added a brew pub, and also has expanded its delivery service.

Connie’s Pizza has added a brew pub and expanded its delivery service.

Jim Stolfe founded Connie’s in 1963 when he traded his prized Oldsmobile Starfire for a small storefront on 26th Street in Bridgeport. There was already a sign in place—“Connie’s”—so Stolfe adopted the name and began turning out pizzas for the neighborhood. When customers wanted a pizza but could not get to the store, Stolfe had one of his family members run the order over to their homes—one of the first pizza places to deliver.

Today Jim’s son Michael operates Connie’s Pizza at 2373 S. Archer Ave. The restaurant recently underwent a complete renovation. It has several large rooms, more than 250 tables, and a brand new brew pub.  While expansion once was a top priority, today Michael Stolfe concentrates on the Archer Avenue location. 

Connie’s delivers to most everywhere in the Chicago area and offers catering as well. “We’re a combination of a neighborhood place and a city-wide operation,” Stolfe said. “People come from the neighborhood to enjoy our restaurant and brew pub, but we also get delivery orders and catering orders from everywhere—downtown and the North Side included.”

Connie’s recently offered a new twist to its delivery service: Alcohol-To-Go. “We’ll deliver any of our beers including Connie’s growlers as well as bottles of house wine,” Stolfe explained. “And yes, we can deliver to the parking lot at Soldier Field.”

Speaking of sports, Connie’s offers a free shuttle to customers going to Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, or White Sox games. “It’s a win-win,” Stolfe said. “Free parking for the customers and some pre and post-game business for us.”

The brew pub promises to be busy this fall, with major league baseball playoffs and college and pro football games on multiple large screen TVs. Connie’s offers drink and bar specials during games as well as ticket giveaways and other promotions.

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