Construction underway for co-living space Common Addams
October 4, 2019

A partnership between CityPads, a real estate development firm, and Common, a residential company, is constructing Common Addams, a “co-living space” at 1407 W. 15th St. across from Addams/Medill Park.

Common has five such spaces in and around Chicago. A co-living space offers a form of housing in which residents typically have their own bedroom and share common spaces such as a kitchen and living area. Common Addams is slated to be the largest co-living space in the Midwest.

Marketed as residences at a more affordable price in a rapidly gentrifying area, the building will offer 59 units, which translates to 223 beds.

According to architectural design firm Built Form LLC, the building will feature four stories with more than 5,000 square feet of community living space. Amenities will include a fitness facility, lounges, and communal dining spaces.

Basic rent will start at about $975 per month at Common Addams, which will include high-speed internet, fully furnished apartment units, regular cleaning of shared spaces, and all utilities.

“I’m looking forward to bringing Common Addams to life in one of Chicago’s fastest growing neighborhoods, where nearly $1 billion is being invested towards urban infrastructure improvements,” said CityPads founder Andy Ahitow.

While affordable housing advocates welcome new affordable units in the area, they remain concerned about inequality, gentrification, and demographic change.

The $975 month rent at Common Addams may remain out of range for some residents.

City Pads and Common have faced issues in the neighborhood in the past. In their first collaboration, called Common Racine, developers converted a 40-year-old community center into a co-living space similar to Common Addams. During construction, developers painted over the Casa Aztlan mural, a celebrated fresco painting honoring modern Latino figures, which angered many community members. The developers eventually had the original artist repaint the mural.

Project leaders expect Common Addams to open its doors to residents in 2020.

Local residents have been wondering what was being constructed.

One local woman said, “I thought at first it was a warehouse, like an extra warehouse to hold all the stuff,” because no windows were visible. “It’s huge, at least a couple of blocks long.” Others thought it would be a sports center.

Gazette Chicago contacted Alderman Jason Ervin of the 28th Ward for comment, but he did not return calls.

Call Built Form at (312) 738-3835. For CityPads, log on to For information on Common, go to

—Kayla Kirshenbaum