Starbucks on track; lighting, alley, and street repairs planned
November 1, 2019

The 11th Ward office has scheduled several street and alley resurfacing projects in the area.

Editor’s Note: The “Update” section provides the latest information on news items that Gazette Chicago has covered in previous editions.

Despite several delays, plans for a drive-through Starbucks at 31st and Halsted Streets still are in the works, 11th Ward staffers assured Gazette Chicago recently.

“It’s safe to say the developer will be moving on this possibly within the next several weeks,” a staffer said, adding a community meeting about the Starbucks likely will be held at Nativity Church, 653 W. 37th St., at a date to be determined.

The lot, which has stood empty for about a dozen years, also will include several other new businesses.

The City Council approved the luxury coffeehouse last December but the project came under fire from opponents including the Bridgeport Alliance, whose members voiced concern the Starbucks would have a negative impact on local coffee shops.

In other ward news, workers will replace the familiar streetlights on some streets with much brighter LED lights, “but not all the schedules have been worked out yet,” the staffer noted.

What they have nailed down, another staffer added, are this year’s funded aldermanic menu projects, which include resurfacing alleys between west Hillock Avenue and the Stevenson Expressway from south Throop to south Farrell Streets; behind west 28th Street from Wallace Street to south Lowe Avenue; behind south Union Avenue from west 46th Place and west 46th Street; between west 43rd Place and west 44th Place from south Emerald Avenue to south Union Avenue; behind west 28th Place between Emerald Avenue and Union Street; between west 31st Street and west 31st Place from south May Street to south Aberdeen Street; between south Normal Avenue and a dead end from west 42nd Place to west 43rd Street; and between west 16th Street and west 17th Place from south Ruble Street to Desplaines Street.

The ward also will repair sidewalks for 1936 S. Canalport Ave.; 2703 S. Lowe Ave.; 3115 S. Throop St.; 635 W. 46th Pl.; 3135 S. May St.; 3000 S. Wallace St.; 3559 S. Emerald St.; 3509 S. Lowe Ave.; 3558 S. Union Ave.; 3611 S. Emerald Ave.; 3200 S. Lowe Ave.; 3756 S. Lowe Ave.; 439 W. 42nd St.; and 259 S. Wells St.

Workers will repair curbs and gutters for 2917 S. Throop St.; 540 W. 46th St.; 4600-4628 S. Emerald Ave.; 3524 S. Lowe Ave.; 3240 S. Normal Ave.; 3440 S. Normal Ave.; 3721 S. Emerald Ave.; 538 W. 29th St., and 517 W. Root St.

They also will resurface streets on west 19th Place from south Halsted Street to south Union Avenue; west 33rd Street from south Halsted Street to south Lituanica Ave.; west 15th Street from south Morgan Street to south Racine Avenue; south Throop Street from west 33rd Street to a dead end; south Lowe Avenue from west 35th Street to west 36th Street; and south Farrell Street from south Lyman Street to south Archer Avenue.

The ward also will improve viaducts at west 33rd, 35th, and 37th Streets and south Stewart Ave. and at west 34th Street and south Canal Street.

For Alderman Patrick D. Thompson’s 11th Ward office, call (773) 254-6677.

—Patrick Butler