From the Publisher
December 6, 2019

Next Gazette Chicago issue will be available Friday, February 7

Dear Gazette Chicago readers and advertisers:

More than a decade ago, Gazette Chicago would occasionally skip the January issue. By doing so, we were able to give our hard-working staff of reporters, designers, and advertising sales representatives’ some well-deserved time off during the holiday season. Because of our unique monthly publication schedule, our team would find itself in production on the January issue during the week of Christmas. I believe this is a good time for the newspaper staff to spend some time with their families and to also allow them to do some planned volunteer efforts in our community (this staff never ceases to amaze me).

So, our next issue of Gazette Chicago will be Friday, Feb. 7, 2020. The news deadline will be Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020, and the advertising deadline will be Friday, Jan. 24, 2020. For more information, log on to

On behalf of everyone here at Gazette Chicago, we wish you a happy and peace-filled Holiday Season and the very best in the New Year! See you in February!


Mark J. Valentino

Editor and Publisher