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Resistance begins at home, and there is a lot to resist right in our own communities

There is a lot to resist these days, and Pilsen Alliance is showing us the way.

President, Governor turning country and state into banana republics

We hope you don’t mind Gazette Chicago beginning this editorial with a brief civics lesson. Let’s take a look at what normally defines a banana republic.

When elected officials and community leaders don’t talk to the media, you get shortchanged and democracy suffers

Just what do you expect after you have made your way into the voting booth and cast your ballot for those you hope are the best candidates in whatever races are most important to you at the moment? What is your expected reward for, sigh, being among the minority in this country who actually see the importance of exercising your constitutional right to vote?

The greater good for the public, not the elites, should be most important reason for change

Gazette Chicago’s news coverage this issue shows that the City is contemplating several changes in our communities. We hope that City officials go slow, and keep quality of life and the greater good for all uppermost in mind before making their decisions.

Higher education is being decimated and the blame lies squarely with Governor Rauner

Two-and-a-half years ago, we would have called it a political stalemate. Twelve months ago, it would have best been described as a financial challenge. Today, it wouldn’t be hyperbole to call it a fiscal crisis of epic proportions.

Anti-Semitic efforts can’t stand up against the strength and diversity of UIC

Twice during March, anti-Semitic flyers were found strewn about the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus. The flyers were upsetting to students, faculty, staff and campus leadership and resulted in swift and strong opposition to the cowardly acts.

Times have changed, but Arrigo Park should not—oasis of peace needed more than ever

Decades ago, when the late Oscar D’Angelo, the University Village Association, and others in the community began working to make Victor Arrigo Park a passive, rather than active, park, we were against it.

If you’re willing to stand up in the Era of Trump: then resist, engage, and make change happen

The November 8 election seems like eons ago. Most Chicagoans experienced the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day with apprehension and fear. The first month of the Trump presidency felt more like a year, filled with agonizing dread and disbelief. Of course, it all depends on how you look at things.

This holiday season, more than ever before, is a time to believe in Santa Claus and one another

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” These words were first found in an editorial in the New York Sun newspaper in 1897 in response to eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon’s letter questioning the existence of Santa Claus…

Governor’s veto of voter expansion law an unwelcome Red State strategy for Illinois

Governor Bruce Rauner has introduced the disturbing policy of voter restriction to Illinois—a strategy that has been increasingly employed in Republican-dominated or “Red States” to keep down and turn-off voters who generally do not cast ballots for GOP candidates.