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Mayor begins new era of transparency, hard choices concerning budget

In September, Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered residents of Chicago the opportunity to come together at one of four town hall budget meetings.

After due diligence from the community, the Saint Ignatius athletic fields deserve the opportunity to move forward to benefit the greater good

Recent efforts by Saint Ignatius College Prep to construct new athletic facilities on 12 acres of land across from its campus along Roosevelt Road will benefit many in our community.

Wisconsin developer fumbles the ball as his One Central end-around doesn’t play well with South Loop residents and local representatives

Wisconsin developer Bob Dunn of Landmark Development certainly got off on the wrong foot with his grandiose plans to create One Central, a massive residential and commercial development he wants to build on a platform over the current Metra tracks in the South Loop.

Community input, responsiveness of elected officials, the difference between project success or failure

When elected officials, governmental entities, and activist groups seek and listen to community input, projects go smoothly and the end results more frequently provide community benefits.

Enough with the excuses: it is time for CHA, Related Midwest to build market rate housing in Roosevelt Square

“The neighborhood is beyond upset.” These are the words of frustration expressed by Joe Esposito, president of the Little Italy Chicago Neighborhood Association (LICNA), whose feelings represent not only his group, but many others as well who are fed up with the slow drag that the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and developer Related Midwest have taken over the 19 years of the Plan for Transformation on the Near West Side.

Mayor Lightfoot has great opportunity to improve on plans for Joint Public Safety Training Center

Both proponents and opponents of the City’s Joint Public Safety Training Center in the West Garfield Park community, in which recruits for police, firefighters, and paramedics will be trained, make some valid points in the controversy over the new facilities.

Joltin’ Joe Reminds Us of the Importance of One Cleanup Hitter Batting for Taylor Street

Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away. The National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame (NIASHF) has removed the statue of New York Yankees great Joe Di Maggio from the piazza at Taylor and Bishop Streets.

Gazette Chicago offers Wish List for troubled times, with the hopes of the Magi as inspiration

Last December, when Gazette Chicago offered its traditional Holiday Wish List, we shared the story of the Three Wise Men and their search for the Christ Child centuries ago.

TIF madness results as politicians game the system while public goes about its business

It’s a very different political world out there these days, to say the least.

Will new Department of Housing actually address affordable housing crisis?

Eliminating governmental departments is a favorite tactic of conservatives. While they say such actions are for efficiency, cost-savings, and other positive sounding words, usually the result is that key services needed by the public, especially middle- and lower-income groups, are eliminated.

Republicans Gerrymandered Supreme Court as Well

The Republicans not only have gerrymandered legislative districts, but, in a sense, they have gerrymandered the Supreme Court as well.

The world and God watch as the United States does immoral things. What will you do to change things?

Depending on how you voted (or refrained from voting) on November 8, 2016, dealing with the Trump presidency is the most unnerving thing since an older generation of Americans hid under their classroom desks during the Cold War school safety drills of the 1950s and ’60s.