Letters to the Editor Archive

Letter: Police hiring: Years late, millions short

Dear Editor:

Less than two hours before Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s recent speech on public safety, progressive aldermen urged him to live up to his pledge to lead the most transparent administration in Chicago history and release the financial plan to pay for his new proposal to hire nearly 1,000 new police officers over the next two years.

Letter: Child Care assistance cuts are dangerous

Dear Editor: Governor Rauner’s unilateral action to slash eligibility for the State’s Child Care Assistance Program, and eliminate services for 90% of families otherwise eligible, put hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal assistance at risk, created confusion among working families and providers, and threatened the economic potential of working families and the state as […]

Letter: Congratulations to GOP’s Carl Segvich

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Carl Segvich. I am glad that Carl Segvich held on to his 11th Ward Republican Committee job.

Letter: ‘Appalled’ by high-rise plans

Dear Editor: I am appalled by the plans to add more high-rise buildings in Roosevelt Square. As a homeowner, I invested in this neighborhood for its low-rise…

Letter: Caution on your first residential real estate transaction

Dear Editor: One of the most overlooked aspects when purchasing a residential home for a primary residence or investment property is checking and double-checking the accuracy of claimed or unclaimed homestead tax exemptions. Here’s why…

Letter: End hunger, poverty and provide opportunity

Dear Editor: Advocacy organizations such as Bread for the World, Feeding America, and RESULTS are asking…

Letter: Advance medical cannabis program

I’m an Illinois nurse suffering from chronic pain, recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As a clinician and now patient, I’m urging Governor Rauner to advance the medical cannabis program so patients have access…

Letter: Opposition to BRT based on traffic

Dear Editor: I am with the McKinley Park Civic Association and we are interested in your articles on the BRT [Chicago Transit Authority Bus Rapid Transit proposed for Ashland Avenue] and are very much against it.

Letter: Why landmarking is wrong

Dear Editor: With Chicago facing a financial crisis, Randolph/Fulton Market leaders want Mayor Emanuel to withdraw his Fulton Market Forced Landmarking plan. It is not supported by our community and would jeopardize almost $200 million in new economic development for Chicago not including new tax revenues, jobs, businesses and residential units.

Letter: Can’t rewrite absence of leadership on Dyett

In a recent Gazette NewsBrief article, “Dyett High to reconfigure, remain open,” dated Jan. 2, 2015, Alderman Will Burns’ description of his leadership with regards to Dyett High School is inaccurate.