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Fun for everyone as Chicago gears up for summer events

Chicagoans know how to take advantage of summer, when the city is one of the most fun places to be. Enjoy the Gazette’s annual Summer in the City guide to help you enjoy special events and activities and make the most of summertime fun.

Local merchants offer food and drink to add to your summer fun

Summer fun and food go together, and the restaurants, bars, and specialty food stores in this area offer a great selection as you get together with family and friends for your summer socializing. You do not even have to leave the area for a great meal, fine food for your summer parties, and special food-related gifts.

Chicago Run-Off 2015: Mayor & 11th Ward Alderman

The weeks since the Feb. 24 election have seen a spirited campaign.

Summer camps provide activities for youngsters and a break for mom and dad

Summer will soon be here, and youngsters and teens will be looking for something to do. A variety of organizations provide summer activities to occupy them, and give mom and dad a break as they know that their youngsters are well cared for.

Local churches celebrate Holy Week and Easter

A highlight of spring’s arrival is the celebration of Easter. Churches in communities in this area have been preparing for months for Holy Week, which includes special services and Masses commemorating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A number of special events and liturgies are held this week, which is why this is one of the most important weeks for Christians in Chicago.

Gazette Endorsement 2015

The report card for Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been disappointing. His four years as Mayor have left many Chicagoans wondering if they are better off now than when he took office.

Great food and drink make Valentine’s Day special

You can make this year’s Valentine’s Day one to remember without leaving the neighborhood. There is great food and drink in this community. Add that special someone, and be ready for a spectacular celebration. The restaurants, bars, bakeries, and food shops in the area are ready to serve you.

Eventful, exciting year for news in local communities

If you want news about ten of Chicago’s most vibrant communities, the Gazette is the place to get it… Here is a wrap up of some of the major news stories of 2014 in the months they were covered by the Gazette — your independent community newspaper since 1983.

Chicago offers holiday delights to make the season bright

The holiday season can be extremely busy with shopping and preparing to celebrate with family and friends, but it is important to take time for fun, too…

Local merchants offer food and festive treats for holiday fun

Holiday fun, fellowship, and food go together, and the restaurants, bars, and specialty food stores in this area offer a great selection to make your holiday more festive…

Local merchants make gift giving easy during holiday season

Gifts and shopping are two aspects of the holidays that make the season bright. Merchants and service providers in this community can help you…

Spirit of giving promotes sharing with others during the holiday season

In our busy lives, it is sometimes difficult to make time for those less fortunate. The holiday season, however, reminds us of the “spirit of giving”…