December 2010

Variety of fine arts events scheduled for this area

A variety of artistic recreational activities and exhibits will be offered in this community during December. A roundup of them follows.

Community churches help celebrate the spirit of the season

Another year has passed us by, and the holidays are just around the corner…

Make a difference in someone else’s life this holiday season

We often may not know that the small gesture we make can make the great difference in someone else’s life, but your spirit can touch another’s…

Enjoy holiday dining, food shopping in local community

Local restaurants, bar, and food stores offer the finest in holiday dining and cheer.

Enjoy all that Chicago has to offer this holiday season

A variety of fun and interesting events are offered in December to make your holiday season even more interesting and enjoyable.

Area merchants offer unique gift opportunities

Whether you need gifts, something for the home, or goods and services for yourself…

Free recycling program threatened with privatization

When Chicago ended its blue bag recycling program in 2008, the city told residents all 600,000 Chicago households with City garbage pick-up would get blue recycling carts by the end of 2011, with separate crews making recycling-only pickups.

Career Transitions; City’s Best Aldermen; Roundups

The Career Transitions Center (CTC) holiday reception and client success celebration will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 14, at…

RFMA seeks $20 million for development

Members of the Randolph/Fulton Market Association (RFMA) met Dec. 2 with 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. and representatives from Chicago’s Department of Community Development to discuss their plan to energize Chicago’s economy.

Daley caps mayoral career by gutting C.A.P.S. program

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but it seems few in government follow that adage anymore.Whether out of ideology, lack of foresight, cheapness, or just plain meanness, officials have cut effective social programs fromfederal, state, and local budgets for the last 30 years.

Holy Family parishioners commemorate anniversary of the saving of the church

Holy Family Church parishioners and guests on Sunday, Dec. 26, at 9:45 a.m. will celebrate the annual feast of the Holy Family and the 20th anniversary of the saving of the church, located at 1080 W. Roosevelt Rd.

Provision Theater plays intergral role in city’s artistic landscape

Tired of hearing reports about the failing economy, crime, national corruption, and wars? Worried about the onset of seasonal affect disorder as the days grow shorter and shorter? Then go see Provision Theater Company, which provides a meaningful respite from negative news and the effects of diminishing light.