January 2010

Sheridan Park field meeting set

There will be a community meeting concerning the field improvement plan at Sheridan Park, Thursday, Jan. 21, at 6 p.m. All are invited to attend. Sheridan Park is located at 910 S. Aberdeen St. Call (312) 746-5369.

Local groups differ over Burnham Memorial

A Daniel Burnham memorial planned for the south end of Grant Park near the Field Museum has earned a mostly positive response from the Friends of the Parks and a largely negative one from the Grant Park Advisory Council/Grant Park Conservancy.

$10,000 offered for clues on hit-and-run death

At the oddly configured intersection of 18th and Halsted Streets, the crosswalk comes in the middle of a block, not at the end. Also, 18th Street curves going east, and because the intersection lacks “no turn on red” signs, any car can make a right turn at any time. On 18th Street going west, the road has a left turn lane but no left turn signal.

Grab your snow shovel, Chicago—it’s election time

If you’re like us, your thoughts the last few months have been occupied with the holidays, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day and Super Bowl Sunday. One thing you likely haven’t been thinking about is an election.

Reading food labels carefully allows for healthy choices

One day, my husband asked why I was always reading in the grocery store. I said I was reading food labels—the ones on the back or side of every food product. Doing so makes the difference in making healthful food choices. With a little practice, finding the information you need is a snap.

$126 Million for Illinois; Haymarket on TV; Census Jobs

Healthcare for vets, Polar Adventure Days, Roundups and more in this month’s ATN…

Gazette covered variety of breaking news events in 2009

Daily and weekly newspapers may be covering fewer stories these days, but that does not mean there is less news—particularly in the areas the Gazette covers. Here are some of the top stories the Gazette brought its readers in 2009.

Police and community leaders combat crime in Chicago’s 9th District

Although David Jarmusz only recently became commander of the Ninth Police District, he already is gaining recognition in the community for his efforts to establish good relationships with residents, schools, clergy, businesses, and neighborhood associations.

Children of Peace expansion continues

The first phase of the Children of Peace School expansion has been completed. The school for both deaf and hearing students now sports a new playground, a safer drop-off area, and a children’s garden.

Projects abound in West Loop, Burnett tells WCA

There is good news for the community despite the recession, Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) said during a speech to business leaders at the West Central Association’s annual meeting Oct. 28.

Prairie Avenue District’s Park 550 board selected

Park 550 is the working name for a new fieldhouse located at 18th Street and Indiana Avenue in the Prairie Avenue District. Officials will choose a permanent name soon for this community center, which will occupy the building that currently holds the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum and Café Society.

Holy Guardian Angels procession photos sought

Ellen Skerrett, a historian and author, has been working over the past several months on a historical exhibit installed recently in the foyer of St. Aloysius Convent/Holy Family Rectory. Holy Family Parish is located at 1080 W. Roosevelt Rd.