July 2010

Dunbar park groundbreaking; Martha Gonzalez remembered; Roundups

Renovations at Dunbar Park, Columbus Day Parade queen pageant, the Taste of Kenwood and more in this month’s ATN…

Local merchants cautiously consider Costco development

“Thinking outside the box” is an expression that describes engaging in new and creative ideas. “Trying to do business outside a ‘big box’” has the potential of an entirely different meaning for mom-and-pop retail establishments located near the Costco wholesale warehouse under construction at 14th Street and Ashland Avenue.

Parents seek Miarka as Galileo Academy principal

Galileo Scholastic Academy, at 820 S. Carpenter St., began looking for a new principal in January to replace longtime principal Alfonso Valtierra, who had died.

New high school to serve Back of the Yards, Bridgeport

Public high school amenities in the Bridgeport and Back of the Yards communities have been limited. Starting in 2013, however, things will be looking up for teenagers in those communities as a new public high school for more than 1,200 students will open in the neighborhood at 4700 S. Hoyne Ave.

No-frills hotel planned for South Loop called ‘interesting’

Plans for a no-frills hotel catering primarily to business travelers came under fire from several South Loop residents and at least one former innkeeper during what Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) promised was only the first of several community meetings.

RFMA wants federal funds for el station

The Randolph/Fulton Market Association (RFMA) wants to keep $30 million in Kinzie Industrial Corridor TIF funds from going toward the $38 million Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Green Line Morgan Station by obtaining a replacement $30 million from the federal government.

Robberies cause concern in UIC area; two police forces work together

Robbers often prey on college students because they frequently provide easy targets, distracted while listening to earphones or talking on cell phones and not paying attention to their surroundings.

Major Adams Community Committee Center undergoes renovation

The Major Adams Community Committee (MACC) Center at 125 N. Hoyne Ave. in West Haven is undergoing renovation.

Chicago Housing Authority opens wait list

For the first time since 1999, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is opening the family housing wait list for public housing.

Near South parking study discussed

Planned parking changes drew sharp criticism during a June 15 town hall meeting sponsored by Alderman Robert Fioretti to review the parking study the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) commissioned for the Near South area bounded by Congress Parkway on the north, 25th Street and the Stevenson Expressway on the south, Lake Shore Drive on the east, and Clark Street and the Chicago River on the west.

Chicago Parking Meters creates philanthropy program

Chicago Parking Meters LLC (CPM), the long-term leaseholder for Chicago’s on-street parking meters, launched a philanthropy program, CPM Community Partners, with a donation of $10,000 to Chicago Youth Centers (CYC). CPM and its operating partner, LAZ Parking, plan to invest time and money in youth organizations across the city through the program.

Theater out in West Loop; Target in?

A difficult economy and financing problems have derailed plans for the West Loop Promenade, a retail and residential complex whose movie theater would have been linked to actor Robert Redford’s Sundance Cinemas LLC in order to show independent films.