March 2012

Challengers seek to oust incumbents in several Congressional primaries

Incumbents in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Congressional districts are not getting a free pass in the March 20 primary, as all face challengers for their seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Here come the judge candidates; voters to choose by subcircuit

Cook County operates 15 judicial subcircuits, and four of them are part of this community. All candidates are attorneys and all are Democrats, as no Republicans have filed in these subcircuits.

Mercy Home hosts ‘Shamrocks’ events

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls’ annual Shamrocks for Kids program features family-friendly, Irish-themed activities and events that raise funds to help abused, neglected, and at-risk children.

Book recalls deadly 1910 fire

The morning of Dec. 22, 1910, was cold in Chicago. As residents prepared for daily tasks and looked ahead to Christmas, no one anticipated the daywould bring a deadly fire that killed more firefighters than any other U.S. fire until the destruction of Sept. 11, 2011.

Pilsen Spin on Beverly Show; Summer Internships; Roundups

An art exhibit in Beverly has a definite Pilsen flair. Called Chicago Artists Interpret Shakespeare “As They Like It,” the show…

Primary ’12 Endorsement: Congress, 1st (D)

A number of good candidates are running in the first Congressional district. All understand that jobs, economics, and education are the main issues. Harold Bailey opposes tax breaks to billionaires.

Primary ’12 Endorsement: Congress, 3rd (R)

Three candidates are seeking the Republican nomination in the third district. Arthur Jones comes from the extreme far fight (his printed literature, for example, calls the media the “Jewsmedia”).

Primary ’12 Endorsement: Congress, 4th (D)

Luis Gutierrez is a national leader on immigration reform and protecting workers’ rights. He also is a local leader, being the individual most responsible not only for saving the West Side CTA Blue Line but for improving it.

Primary ’12 Endorsement: Congress, 7th (D)

Danny K. Davis has been a very good Congressman, responsible for community renewal, legislation to help ex-offenders reintegrate into society, suicide prevention, education legislation, and postal reform.

Primary ’12 Endorsement: State Senate, 1st (D)

Two years ago, Alfredo Mondragon and Antonio Munoz went toe-to-toe for this seat, and the duo is back at it again in 2012. We like Mondragon’s liberal background. He worked consistently for the downtrodden when he was with the Hispanic Housing Development Corp., the American Civil Liberties Union, and the State Appellate Defender.

Primary ’12 Endorsement: State Senate, 5th (D)

The 5th District Senate race looks to be a tough battle as well. Annazette Collins is an incumbent, although an appointed one, but is no carpetbagger, having been the Representative for the 10th State House District previously.

Primary ’12 Endorsement: State House, 2nd (D)

Joe Trutin took on incumbent Edward Acevedo in 2010, and Cuahutemoc Morfin has run for alderman in 2007 and 2011. Morfin has been a probation officer, small business owner, and activist with the United Merchants of Pilsen Chamber of Commerce. Trutin also is a community activist and small business owner.